About This Blog

Courting Bliss is a compendium of information about Adralel, the world I created and DM. Tidbits about other worlds in the multiverse may also creep in. Most of the posts are written through the lens of B/X (Basic/Expert D and D) .

These stories are a mix of interactions purely between NPCs and tales brought back by adventurers. There are also some informational posts about B/X rule tweaks, or additions.

Meet The Writer

Itai grew up around honey bees, other pollinators, and medical care as a form of service. She is involved in the permaculture movement and growing regenerative food forests from native species, as well as creating more accessible healthcare.

She got her start in tabletop gaming in 7th grade, playing a completely homegrown system cooked up by a friend. She has experience with Edge of the Empire, and most of the editions of D and D. Tabletop gaming is, for her, about collective storytelling and exploration. B/X consistently produces her favorite tabletop experiences and is the system used for most of the adventures that inspire these blog posts.  


Farming and Economy Knowledge Compendium: Things Players Have Learned

Farming Tips, Tricks, and Tidbits Potatoes, amaranth, and wheat can be planted in the fall. The wheat will be harvested in last summer/early fall of the next year. Goats produce milk for around 420 days a year, if they have kidded that year. Most goats give birth to two kids per pregnancy, though one or …