Adralel Calendar System and Passage of Time In-Game

Age – 1,000 years. The current age is referred to as the “Modern Age”. Past ages are named based on great events that took place during that age. The names of recent past ages are mildly contested, and often vary by culture.

Year – 50 weeks, noted by number, such as “Week 19”.

Week – 10 days, referred to as first-day, second-day1 and so on.

The first day of the Adralel new year is the Spring Equinox, celebrating the fulfilled promise of the return of life after long winter.

It is currently seventh-day of Week 20 in Adralel.

Time in the world of Adralel passes whenever games are in session. The O’ahu play sessions, for example, often take place over three or four days. Up to several weeks may pass in-game between play sessions for the more sporadic adventuring troupes. This is either treated as time in town, which can be spent on economic or research pursuits, or hand-waved if a troupe is mid dungeon crawl.

1. Based on the Faerunian The Calendar of Harptos tenday naming system, from Forgotten Realms.

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