Calendar Days

The calendar of Adralel is circular. Everyone agrees that there are 10 days in a week, 50 weeks in a year and thus 500 days in a year. Everyone agrees that there are 12 holidays spread more or less equidistant around the course of the year. That, however, is where general agreement stops.

The way in which a community thinks about how the year is divided often reflects their lifestyle. For instance, many farmers divide the year into Waxing Days and Waning Days. Waxing begins on Day 418, the Lean Day of Thanks, while Waning begins on Day 68, the Day of Plenty. Their year is tied to the soil.

A cleric or mage may think of the year in terms of magic and energies, dividing the year into before the Summer Solstice on Day 126 and after the Summer Solstice. Urbanites, keeping the same schedule all year regardless of season, often follow the calendar more literally, marking the new year on Day 1 and celebrating the halfway point on Day 251 at the Death of the Year holiday.

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