Adventure 6, Expedition 1 Part A

Adventuring Troupe:

  • El-Nhuilna the Awakened Cat
  • Naarvi the Thief  (human)
  • Cham the Fighter (human)
  • Farlon the Magic-user (human)
  • Bimbo Baggins the Free Goblin
  • Toki the Dwarf
  • Link d’In the Halfling

Date: Fifth-day of Week 24, Year 441

Seeking their fortunes, adventures, or more arcane things the adventuring troupe coalesced on the road in the Holding of Henovell. There was much debate as to where the troupe would head, but none were inclined to strike out on their own. As Bimbo Baggins, known as BB put it, “I didn’t join you all to go there by myself.”

After much debate, but little actual dissent, the troupe decided to investigate rumors of a red dragon flying above the mountains to the northeast. The group could not agree on the approach they would take once they actually reached the dragon: seeking friendship, stealing treasure, killing the dragon to eat its heart. Plans were suggested and discarded with abandon.

Upon the road much was discussed. A boisterous topic of conversation was joining various cults. Several of the members of the party loudly proclaimed their enthusiasm to join, when they were able.

And so it was that the troupe found themselves in the hills above the headwaters of The Gleam, the main tributary to the Coral River. The tracks they traveled on dwindled, and then dwindled further. On the fifth day of Week 24, they came upon a goat and El-Nhuilna, known as El, decided to try and be friends.

Finding that she could not actually speak with the goat, she settled for having a steed. Upon attaching herself to the goat’s back, however, she discovered that a goat’s startled gait was a bit more rocky than she had anticipated. Given that disappointment, she gallantly allowed Friend Link d’In to carry her once again.        

About this time, the troupe noticed four humanoid creatures coming towards them over the hill from the east, the way they had come. Each of the creatures was much larger than any of the party members, and each carried an enormous sack. The creatures approached the party as the troupe discussed things among themselves.

When the creatures had drawn too close for BB’s comfort, the free goblin retreated to a nearby copse of trees to make a stand. El, Link, and Naarvi followed suite, hustling slightly further into the copse than BB. Farlon, on the other hand, drew a line in the dry grass at their feet with oil. The party members tried in several languages to converse with the looming, gangly humanoids. The only language that seemed to cause a reaction was Bugbear, to which they responded by pausing cautiously to look about.

Creeping closer, ignoring the burble of Goblin as Farlon tried a new language, the hulking humanoids had nearly reached Farlon, Cham, and Toki at the oil slick.

To Be Continued!

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