Adventure 6, Expedition 1 Part B

Adventuring Troupe:

  • Naarvi the Thief  (human)
  • Cham the Fighter (human)
  • Farlon the Magic-user (human)
  • Bimbo Baggins the Free Goblin
  • Toki the Dwarf
  • Link d’In the Halfling

Date: Fifth-day of Week 24, Year 441

The Foes, times four!

Farlon drew out his flint and tinder above the oil he had spread out in front of them, switching back to shouting in Bugbear. Before Farlon could take any action, Cham leapt over the liquid to attack the large humanoids bearing down upon them and their new goat friend. He bravely hacked away at the middle of their advancing line.

Link, from the cover of the trees, joined the fray with their bow. Toki circled around, splitting his foes attention. The troupe’s adversaries seemed to take exception to being hacked and shot at, returning the favor by striking at various party members with their enormous clubs. BB ran from the cover of the trees, hurling a dagger into an adversary. Cham took several hits from their opponents and was felled, much to the horror of his companions.

The troupe continued to whittle down their adversaries, with Link finally killing one of the large humanoids using his bow. Seeing that Lady Luck was not on their side in this fight, two of the remaining three enemies turned and ran. They would rather live to fight another day. The remaining foe was quickly felled, finished off with a killing stroke from Toki.

Poking through the fallen foes carrying sacks, BB found many things. The parchment they used to light a fire, over which they cooked a giant rat from one of the sacks. Everything else was discarded, such as a book they couldn’t read and a troll arm they didn’t want to eat. Off to the side, Farlon and Naarvi each butchered one of the dead adversaries, collecting one heart a piece. Farlon also gathered blood in his temporarily empty oil flask.

BB, Link, and Farlon looted the corpse of their slaughtered companion, stripping it of everything of value before the party buried the body. Farlon and Naarvi each took sips of the foes gathered blood, pouring out a similar sip to honor the dead party member. The mangled enemies the party left where they had been taken apart, staining the hillside.    


BB’s shield had splintered in the fight, and they spent part of the evening fashioning Cham’s breastplate into the beginnings of a new shield. They estimated that it would take roughly two weeks of work in camp every evening to make themselves a new shield from this material. They bedded down in a tree, while the rest of the troupe found or made shelter under the cover of the trees. The goat wandered off on its own.


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